Blenheim Palace – One Year On!

The first weekend this month marked my 1-year anniversary of triathlon! A nervous me did my first triathlon at Blenheim Palace a whole year ago. (I remember nearly crying before the start haha). This year it was going to be a test of whether the hard work and training had paid offFullSizeRender-45

Racing on the Sunday this year, allowed me to check out the race results before I gave it my best shot. I decided anything better than last year would be an achievement and aimed to really enjoy the race!

Now this is where my ‘Triathlon Rookie’ title comes in. Exiting transition 1 with my bike, it was brought to my attention by an official that I didn’t have my race belt on. What a pansy. It was still in my bag. After talking to two officials and then calling over for help, I must’ve lost about a minute of time. Luckily, Steve had raced earlier and could enter transition to sneakily place my race belt on my running shoes. PHWEEF. No DQ’s please!! I think the panic let loose some adrenalin and I set off chasing on my bike to make up as much time as possible.


After a good ride and tough run, I finished with a swim 3 mins faster, ride 3 mins faster and knocked 40 seconds off the run. Very satisfied.

Finishing with a time 12 seconds behind the winner was something I still don’t think I’ve forgiven myself for…but at the end of the day it was a great improvement on last year!

I already can’t wait for next year to try and improve my time again. It will mean many miles on the bike and many lengths in the pool.

Ciao for now! x


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