New house, new adventures!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and there’s been lots going on!

Two weeks ago saw a beautiful sunny day (a bit more sunburn and very rosy cheeks) at Stockton Duathlon. I got to try out my new bike on a lovely flat bike course and got some strong runs in ahead of the triathlon season! It was also good to catch up with friends and soak up a bit of vitamin D!! I left a very happy lady, taking 4th in the sprint race!

Last weekend was a busy one! BUCS Sprint Triathlon took place on the Sunday at St Mary’s College in Calne. Leeds Triathlon Centre had a fun weekend, as we spent Saturday evening fuelling up at Pizza Express and all day Sunday racing…the heavily forecast rain (pretty much) held off!


Being a slower swimmer, I was assigned to one of the first waves of the day. A well-paced swim, very windy bike and strong run gave me a result to be proud of! Being a perfectionist means I can easily get disheartened when the results start coming in and I start comparing my times to others. However, the initial feeling when I finish a race is the opinion I need to learn to stick to! After all, it’s easy to say afterwards that you wish you had gone harder, but you know at the time you were giving it your all!

After the excitement of the weekend, May Day Bank Holiday brought an unusual post-race rest day! I moved house…. the family drove up from Sheffield and we moved my things (not far) to a quieter house not far down the road!

We spent the rest of the day munching around in cafes and walking up and around the Chevin Forest Park. We spotted many bilberry bushes, which I’ll definitely be returning to later in the summer to pick for my freezer!


A week later and me and Steve are nicely settled in and now have wifi! One of the most exciting aspects of the house is that I can keep a tidy kitchen and do LOTS of baking. Today was my first bake…chocolate scones: something I make quite often and goes down well with a cuppa for pudding or a snack!

It’s coming to the end of the uni term and I only have 2 assignments left to hand in. Being super organised over the Easter holidays means that I now have zero stress levels about getting them both handed in on time!…(more time for baking!)

In two weekends time, I’ll have several consecutive weekends of racing. I’m sure I’m not the only one excited about the upcoming triathlon season!

Ciao for now! 🙂


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