The sun has got his hat on!

Time for an update on the last week!..


Last Sunday was Wakefield 10k. A race that I’ve taken part in for the last two years and a course I thought I liked. After a good xc season and feeling nice and fit, I was secretly raving for a 10k pb. With a finishing time of 38:39, a pb is exactly what I got! Happy lady.

However, I knew my legs could carry me to a sub 38. The course was definitely a lot more slopey than I remembered, so a suuuuper flat 10k is something to put on the calendar for later this year.

With a nice little voucher to take away for 5th female, I could say it had been a successful weekend!

Usually, a nice easy Monday would be top of my list of things to do after a race…but agreeing to taking part in my housemate’s uni study, meant I was in the labs and on the treadmill doing my first ever lactate and Vo2 max test at 9am. Crazy.


After spraying the lab with my fingertip blood and sweating it out in the mask, I was ready for a good breakfast and a walk to swimming in the sunshine. A little heatwave took over Leeds. After my afternoon swim session, a nice cooling ice cream was right on my mind!


The warm weather carried on through the week and brought us a scorching weekend! Track session on Saturday morning was a beautiful one. Crop tops and shorts’a blazin!! First al fresco meal of the year followed; with some nice bacon and egg sarnies out in the garden! A nice easy ride to Otley with the boyfriend, finished off the day of training! (New bike test drive too >>)


Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far! We travelled down to Bedford at 7am for the National Duathlon Champs. It was so nice to be a spectator for once and cheer on some of the Leeds lot!

With the Easter holidays in full swing, we carried on our journey south to Cornwall. We’ll be here for a week of play and training…and hopefully a lot more sunshine (and pasties!!)




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