Work and play

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the past year, it’s to relax more.

It’s so easy to get carried away..running your reps harder than you need to, going hard on all your rides and feeling like you need to cram all the training in that you’ve been set.

No one else knows how you and your muscles/joints feel, so I’ve learnt that rest is just as important as hard work (as I sit in bed under a fluffy blanket with a big cuppa!)




Last weekend, I spent both days with my best friend… relaxing and catching up in York on the two  sunniest and warmest days of the year so far! We walked on the historic wall, visited cafes and enjoyed a few cocktails. Sunday we spent at Bannatyne’s Spa, sweating it out in the steam rooms and saunas before enjoying a back massage and facial …. I nearly fell asleep!

As this was my first free weekend in a while (and for a while to come), it was amazing to spend it in such a lovely place.

We enjoyed an amazing lunch at Brew and Brownie. Elderflower presses and rustic sarnies all round!



The weekend before last was spent at the Clumber Park Duathlon. The weather wasn’t quite as glorious as last weekend, but the dark clouds held tight and didn’t start to rain until the race was over – phewff.


Clumber Park is quite local to me and I have many memories there from being a child and learning to ride my bike… so it was great to race somewhere familiar!


Using my usual tactics, I set off steady on the first 5k run and gradually built my way through the group. After a speedy first transition, I set off on the bike in second place. With the bike being a weaker discipline for me, I very much expected to be overtaken. This happened, but I remained confident and kept my legs going as hard as I could!

The second run is where I usually make some time and places up. Overtaking several women, I felt strong and fit….ooosh.

Coming up on the results in 6th place was something I was very happy about!.. a few days later the rest of the wave’s times were revised and I ended in 7th, but still 3rd in my AG.

With good pacing and a good feeling of improvement on the bike since competing last year, I felt strong!


Already we’re at the end of March and the evenings are getting lighter.. hip hip hooray… and soon I’ll be ready to improve my cycling more at the chaingang sessions on a Thursday evening!

First, I’ll be resting up for Wakefield 10k, which has come around very fast! Let’s see if the legs are feeling good for it on Sunday!


Ciao for now 🙂


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