BUCS Biathlon

Last weekend brought the second BUCS event of the year for triathlon! 1500m run and 200m swim….



After a several-hour coach journey to Oxford, Team Leeds Triathlon Centre were able to sit back and relax and watch some crazy pentathlon going on! It’s safe to say I’ve never seen someone running with one lens popped out their Oakleys, but you learn something new every day!

The 1500m run was first. On the outside I was cool as a cucumber, on the inside I was pooping my pants. With never having done a 1500m and being more comfortable in doing ‘the long stuff’, I didn’t really know how to take it.

Above, is the start of the 4th, and final, heat of women (the fastest predicted heat).

Below is how the first lap panned out..I stuck to my usual tactic and set off ‘easy‘.



Predicting to realistically come in the top 4 somewhere, I thought I’d just stick with the front group and try not to get dropped.

As the pace steadied, we suddenly seemed to be approaching the last lap (never known a race to go so fast!) and I felt like the pace was holding me back. One girl in the front pack was left behind, then another and I was left behind the final two. With 250m to go I felt ready to kick. With some advice shouted from the boyf at the trackside, I held back until the final bend then KICKED!



The panic in my face must’ve been pretty hilarious, so it’s a relief that this wasn’t photographed! Minimal gurners please. I was willing in my head for no one to come past me. The legs were going full pelt.

Within a few seconds I was crossing the line.. feeling huge relief, shock and satisfaction! Jeez I just won the run in 4:38. Not going to lie, it felt pretty sick.

After watching the men’s heats, we headed to the pool. Having never swam a 200m either, I put down a predicted time of 3:00. Setting off in one of the earlier heats (and nicely prepped with a cup of peppermint tea) I was able to get it done with quickly!



Then the rookie error came in… I decided to borrow some goggles instead of using my own, as they had recently started to leak. Little did I know that after diving in, I would barely be able to see a thing. Thank god for the blue tiles on the floor marking the centre of the lane! It was all I could see…predicting when I would arrive at a safe distance from the wall was the hardest task, but it was all fun and games!

A quick rush to the shop to stock up on snacks and we were back for the presentation. Leeds dominated, with both overall wins for the men and women.

I was very happy to come away with 14th place!

Now for some good grub and rest before tomorrow’s Duathlon at Clumber Park! Oosh.


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