West Yorkshire Winter League XC (?)

Why the question mark? Well…

I packed my bag, to take the train home back to Sheffield from Uni, including all the usual for a xc race: trainers to warm up in, spikes etc. Easy! However, after having read through the race brief on the Friday evening, I realised that I would definitely be leaving the spikes at home. I was to be prepared for woodland paths and tracks, roots, fallen tree trunks, steep muddy slopes and streams, tarmac sections and a log flume!? Surely log flumes are only found at theme parks?

Straight away I realised I would be in need of some trail shoes. With my current pair covered in mud, with several holes and worn flat, it was clear what my Saturday would consist of…shoe shopping! (Feeling like a true woman!)


A snazzy pair of the Salomon Speedcross 4 trail shoes were the best item I’ve bought in a while! They took me around all the muddy bends, up all the hard hills, over the stream and over several styles…in style! I presumed they’d feel mega heavy, due to their hard tread on the bottom, but they were super light and comfy on the first wear! 

The course was 5.2miles of pure fun for me! I’ve wanted to do a trail race for a while, but not really found the guts/chance to do one. This last race of the WYWL, hosted by the Stainland Lions, was a great introduction. I was glad that I had plenty of experience of running round woodlands thanks to Meanwood trails being right on my doorstep. This made all the difference when weaving around tree roots and rocks. Below, Leeds Bradford Tri are ready to take on the course.


The results of the race are yet to be released, but I have been told that I apparently came through in the top 10/15 women. I’ll take that!

If there’s one thing I will learn from the race, that’s to get a good head start! I’ve talked previously about trying new race tactics and starting at a harder pace. However this time, with such a hefty crowd of men and women at the start and with it being my first race of the league, I wasn’t sure where to place myself on the start line. 


Due to the narrow paths, I kept finding myself stuck behind a slower runner without room to overtake. This was a little annoying when most people walked some of the steep sections, but I know that uphills are my strong point! Next time, I will go out harder! 


Just one last question to finish off…when can I do another trail race!? 🙂



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