Review: activbod turn up the heat roller gel


Who makes it?

activbod is a relatively new company, who aim to provide a range of skincare products using natural ingredients. Who doesn’t like a bit of au naturale??

What is it for?

My take on this product is a natural version of deep heat! It can be used before or after exercise and on any muscle. The ingredients of arnica (herbaceous plant in the sunflower family – I’d never heard of it either!), rosemary and ginger definitely turn up the temperature and will make your muscles feel very loved!

What are the three best things about the product?

1. It’s extremely easy to apply. With it’s roller-top applicator, it means you don’t have to wash your hands afterwards – easy peasy!

2. It’s not stinky like other similar products. The main scent I get from this is ginger and I have to admit, I’d rather be reminded of the baking cupboard than the sports changing rooms on a Saturday morning!

3. There are no restrictions. Due to this lovely product being full of natural ingredients and including no pain relief, none of that ‘peanut sized amount’ applies! You can literally roll it everywhere.. happy days!

Any improvements?

The only slight negative I would say about the activbod roller, is that it can get extremely hot! (This could also be a really good thing) Talking from experience, I wouldn’t let anyone else apply the gel for you… even on those hard-to-reach places like your back! 

I would highly recommend using a small amount of the product first, waiting for it to take action and then applying more if need be. The effects of the product are also increased with the use of water/damp skin, so you can make it as hot or not as you like!

Where to buy me?

The activbod website is probably your best bet! On the website there is a good map of stockists, but unfortunately you can’t simply chuck it in your basket at Boots! (I don’t know why)

Go ahead and treat those hardworking muscles to some heat therapy!





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